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Design DAO

The Roadmap to the next great creative era

Madeium is becoming the world’s first Design DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), built to reset the foundation of creativity for artists, creatives, and makers. The convergence of independent design and emerging technology have created ripe conditions for creatives to control their IP and profit directly from their work like never before. Join in the conversation on the Madeium Discord server as we work with the creative community to move toward decentralization in five steps.

Onboard elite creative talent

We believe that not all design is created equal. So much so that we only approve very best talent for our Pro accounts. The Pro accounts feature creatives that have proven they can take a concept all the way to the consumer with in-market success. These curated Pro accounts unlock advantages that provide infrastructure and resources so that creatives can spend less time on business and more time.

Community building
Plant flag as the first and only Design DAO
owned by the creative community

Community first. We view a strong community as foundational and essential for Madeium’s long-term success. As creatives ourselves, we believe that the artists, creatives, and makers are the ones that produce the vast majority of wealth and we want that wealth to stay with the community, resulting in a true democratization of creativity. We will incentivize through bounties, grants, rough consensus, and/or permissioned voting models.

Our community is made up of design leaders from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and industries. Also included are our developers, collectors, and proponents of blockchain technology. We operate with full transparency because these are the same people that are going to be making the decisions for the entire creative community in the near future. If you are an expert in fostering, growing, and nurturing communities, we’d love to get you involved today.

Token distribution
Create tokens that incentivize

The tokenomics is yet to be determined as we are working with the community to develop and distribute tokens that incentivize actions and behaviors that benefit the overall community long-term. Permissioned distribution of tokens will be on a limited basis to those contributing system value.

With eyes toward self-governance there are countless token considerations with overarching implications that all center around the creative community. We don’t want to create “hollow” tokens of little intrinsic value. Instead, we are focused on tokens that are packed with utility and that build toward creative community-owned solutions we all need.

Community-owned Creative Renaissance

Madeium is built on the pure concept that creatives have ideals that innately make them the best people to self-govern the Web3 space. By nature, creatives are guided by humanity, knowledge sharing, doing what’s right for your fellow creatives, and leveraging creative capital for the benefit of society. Come and join the community, participate in the discussion, and help us collectively find the self-governance model that unlocks the new wave of creativity for the next 300 years.

Power to the people
Transition from centralized to decentralized

Madeium becomes the first community-run Design DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The full Madeium platform including, memberships, partnerships, tools, and NFT Marketplace will transition from centralization to decentralization. The creative community and its leadership will take ownership and will answer only to the creative community.

If you have an opinion, want to find out more, be part of the process, or want to help, we want to connect with you. Join us over on the Madeium Discord server and let’s build the creative future together.


Our Future View – Madeium’s Why
Madeium is unleashing the greatest Creative Era in human history as the world’s first Design DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Before Madeium, only 20% of the globe’s Creative Capital could be utilized. Through new industry and business concepts, access to remarkable innovation, and direct peer-to-peer networks, the lost 80% now has a home. Through open-source and collective mindsets, Madeium has made an entire ecosystem for, of, and by creatives. We don’t predict the future; we make it every day. The Future is Made.

Why was Madeium created?
Madeium made our system with a singular focus: “To Solve problems for Problem Solvers.” Designers are told, taught, and employed “to solve for end consumer needs.” But who is solving our needs? Madeium was built on the principle of using the “Design Process on the Design Industry” to benefit professional designers. Only we collectively can solve our own professional problems. Nobody is going to do it for us.

No longer does independence come at the price of isolation. Banding together, we can achieve collective goals while still retaining our autonomy. We continuously create leverage for your ideas, on your terms. If a tool is missing, let us know; we would love to add it to our priority list!

Community Driven – Madeium represents top creatives’ vision of the future. We leverage communal access to this peer network, top innovation and technology, and the power of the collective group for community gain through bulk purchasing and collective bargaining. In the past, it was difficult to compete with the “bigs” as a startup. Not anymore. You now can access outsized benefits to launch your new idea.

Interoperable Mindset
Instead of looking at ways to privatize every aspect of the NFT Industry, Madeium is taking the lead on setting up communal spaces, where peer-to-peer relationships aren’t governed by a third party or constrained by old C Corporation monetization models. New technology requires new thinking to obtain the highest potential possible. Madeium is not only granting independent creatives access to the world’s best technology, we also are implementing new visions for macroscale creative and innovation industries. This only happens through collaborative mindsets and collective societal gains. We seek solutions that are open source, democratized, decentralized, transparent, and equal. Our compensation models are rooted in profit-sharing and merit-based pay. Interoperability makes these approaches possible.

Madeium provides premium experiences at all touchpoints. This trusted environment amplifies value for all parties in our community and innovation system. Pro Creatives have proven their ability to bring concepts to market and to get ideas across the finish line. To harness the world’s best ideas from those who can implement them, Madeium’s Pro Creative community is permissioned. As the community grows, mechanisms will be instituted to allow the Pro Community to set the criteria. Additionally, base Creative Members are not permissioned which allows anyone to start building a Web3 creative career. Madeium is building out educational content and mentorship programs as the pathway to becoming a Pro.

Influencer and Client projects are vetted before matching with a Pro Creative’s availability, skills, and compensation type. This allows a streamlined onboarding process and higher success of Pro Creative matches. Clients are required to keep their credit cards on file for automatic payments or must have money in their digital wallet to assure digital payments are made at the time of milestone sign-off.

Innovation Partners gain access to our network and connect directly with Pro Creatives through Madeium’s Innovation Network. The Innovation Network provides direct access with your business’s profile, home page, and network tools.

With this Peer-to-Peer industry, individuals and small businesses gain collective leverage, while maintaining independence. Peers coming together for the common good, bulk purchasing, and collective bargaining.

Madeium is a Web3.0 infrastructure, organized under the distributed mindsets of a DAO. This peer-to-peer industry unlocks entirely new business models, revenue streams, consumer value, profit sharing, and unique experiences. This network is an idea marketplace where innovation is real-time, unlocking creative capital like never before.

Madeium is “technology agnostic” with a vision to build a common, public space for talented people to access the world’s best technologies. Therefore, we adopt advantageous tech that responsibly benefits independent creatives and the innovation community. Tech for ALL, not only corporations.

If you have developed some really cool tech that innovative creatives need to see, hit us up at 



Madeium believes the Future of Industry requires a more secure environment—one where sustainability is paramount, and creatives can retain ownership of their IP for both initial sales and all subsequent resale royalties. We accomplish this by moving away from the “Competition Mindset” of standard corporations fearing each other, and instead focus on a “Collaboration Mindset” where we work together and benefit collectively. This Collaboration Mindset results in mutual trust and support within our community that is essential for interoperability among our sites, platforms, and environments.

In an ever-changing technology and blockchain world, Madeium is made to be fluid, always adopting the best solutions for future creatives. We don’t pick winners vs. losers but provide a holistic ecosystem to meet complex blockchain needs by bringing you MORE tools than you need!

  • At present, Madeium offers two blockchain options (potential for more) from which the client can choose. Madeium’s Blockchain Ecosystem is built on Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchains.
  • Madeium continuously tracks blockchain options for:
    • The value they bring to the design network,
    • Their community/societal impacts,
    • Safety,
    • Interoperability, and
    • Sustainability.

We are always searching for the best technologies. If you think we should consider your innovation, contact us at hello@madeium.com 

New Mindsets, New Tools, New Industries
Web3 is the next version of the internet that focuses on decentralization and user ownership. It makes peer-to-peer interactions the core of a new generation of networked commerce and society.

Madeium is made to question everything. We hold nothing sacred except humanity, the human experience, and creating a positive future for all. Through this lens, we designed the foundation for entirely new industries and business approaches, to support experiences and products made by you. Our commitment to constant improvement is driven by a belief that everything can be better designed. From this mindset, we are free of current restrictions, systems, processes, and limitations. We have reconsidered each interaction, resource, relationship, and financial transaction. The result feels like independence within a supportive ecosystem. Welcome to Madeium.

The Next Great Creative Era
Madeium was made to be independent, with no investors. More than just a community of independent creatives, innovators, makers, brands, and entrepreneurs, we also believe in principles of decentralization to lead the next creative era. Madeium is a new type of industry enabled by peer-to-peer direct business collaborations.

Creatives are naturally independent. Madeium believes it is possible to maintain this independence while also tapping into the power of the collective community. This is done by making decisions with co-op style principles, for the practitioners in the space. Community-led, community-driven, and ultimately self-governed by Makers.

As “creative advocates” and professional designers ourselves, we are working with the globe’s top talent to invent and perfect the Madeium Ecosystem to outlive all of us. Through our “Progressive Decentralization” roadmap, we have a plan for forking the future to be more just, fair, equal, transparent, and sustainable through innovative approaches to enhance the professional creative experience and idea output.

We are planning for democratized industry. Because we have no investors, Madeium is free to create a longer-term roadmap with the community to determine self-governance structures, profit-sharing, and DAO benefits. Our timelines are more flexible to allow longer idea incubation and concept development as we nurture them to successful market launches and sell through. Your involvement and feedback accelerate our collective gains.

We believe creative safety is of utmost importance to innovation. Fortunately, the creative community is capable of professionalism and candor at the same time! Respect for others’ opinions and differences is the bedrock foundation on which creative friction can forge gems. Madeium strictly enforces professional standards of conduct and reserves the right to pause or eliminate accounts at our sole discretion.

Professional Creative Members
These are vetted individuals (permissioned in the-initial phase, see Madeium’s Progressive Decentralization Roadmap) who have proven their ability to bring ideas to life and get results. Ideas are great, but the execution of ideas at the highest level is crucial before taking on client work and/or creating NFTs. Pro Creatives themselves will start to shape the criteria and quality standards in the community. We trust and empower this group to drive the community forward.

Pro Peers must be able to trust other Pro Peers with their business. At this standard, clients are assured top-quality design thinking and execution. These trusted relationships allow projects to be built through profit-sharing instead of traditional compensation models. Give them skin in the game and you will be pleased with how motivated your team will be.

Creative Members
These individuals are well on their way to becoming the Pro Creatives of the future are not yet experienced enough to take on direct client or peer work or bring ideas to market. However, we onboard the world’s next Pros via access to Pro Mentors, education & tutorials, maker resources, blockchain partnerships, open-source knowledge, and “real-world” experience. This membership DOES NOT allow you to take on client work directly, but we are developing “hands-on” experiences, training, and invaluable industry opportunities for taking the necessary steps toward a professional career.

Creative Studio Member
Feature coming soon. A Studio Membership allows design businesses to bring individual Pro Creative Members into a shared space for teamwork and collaboration. Studio Members can pull together existing employees while also uniting with Pro Creatives on a per-project basis. Studios will be able to manage projects, track workload, create auto-pay accounting, and build teams based on project and NFT profit-sharing. No need to pay upfront if you can build a committed team by giving them skin in the game instead.

Influencer & Client Members
By contacting hello@Madeium.com to create an Abstract and answering a few questions from the Madeium Team, we can determine if your project is right for our community. We will help strengthen your project’s pitch and connect top available creatives to your project. We’ll craft touchpoints of high value and curate your Design Dream Team.

Maker Team Members
“Maker Teams” are the group of individuals or parties who own a percentage of a given NFT’s IP and/or profit percentage. These teams may include Pro Creatives, Investors, Project Managers, Marketers, Public Relations, and other skills needed to bring concepts to market with elevated results. These relationships are negotiated between the Maker Team members who must have an active account on Madeium with digital wallets hooked up.

Members can be invited into any given project or NFT collaboration and be compensated with a contractually negotiated percentage of profits (and/or $USD). This greatly reduces upfront expenses by postponing many costs until the end of the project. Now you can launch ideas without up-front capital while hiring your Design Dream Team! Yes, it’s THAT good.

Innovation Network Members
These members are seen as Madeium’s business partners. This membership is best suited for individuals and businesses who provide value to Madeium’s Creatives in new ways. Innovation Members can use Madeium’s network to further business, access top creative and innovation talent directly, provide mutually beneficial relationships (connecting the like-minded), and tap into Madeium’s innovation incubator and accelerator. Innovation partners are categorized by the type of value they provide to the Creative Community. If you have something amazing, but don’t know how to connect it to the end-user, that’s what we do.

NFT Collector Members
With a Collector account, you can hook up your digital wallet (MetaMask.io) to bid, buy, and transact NFTs on Madeium’s Multi-Blockchain ecosystem or transact using your credit card. You can also directly resell your NFTs on the secondary market.

Your creative IP has ultimate value because it is the source of monetary generation. Our ecosystem uses state-of-the-art Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology to secure your IP at the point of creation. This mitigates confusion over who owns ideas—essential for determining profits for both initial sales and all subsequent resale royalties.

Madeium is built to safeguard your creativity. We protect creatives, IP, industries, and businesses, not just tokens. Our unique environment on Hyperledger enables original creators and Maker Teams (parties involved in an NFT Profit-Sharing Team) to profit from ongoing secondary sales via legally binding royalty stipulations and ownership contracts. Unfortunately, Ethereum’s system gives Collectors the legal ability to SEVER smart contracts from your royalties by selling tokens to other marketplaces. For this reason, Madeium’s multi-blockchain ecosystem is necessary to protect NFT resale value from a unilateral decision by an Ethereum Collector to break your smart contract.

What is an NFT? 
A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is the transactional vehicle for your IP after it is registered on a blockchain. Think of it as a stock, deed, or bill of sale to sell things, track authenticity, and validate originality or current ownership. Because blockchain technology is virtually hackproof, this allows peer-to-peer relationships that do not need a third party as an intermediary. This unlocks entirely new industries where makers, designers, and influencers can profit from their creations at unparalleled levels.

  • Madeium’s NFTs give you options to protect your IP on multiple blockchains, mint tokens, license and/or sell designs and products, or otherwise transact in a trusted, safe ecosystem.

  • We see a bright, democratic future. With creative IP on immutable, safe ledgers, we can establish entirely new industries and businesses that compensate Makers through automatic royalty payments and digital wallets. With IP secured, you get paid upfront on the first sale, as well as being able to collect royalties on every subsequent resale.

  • Madeium’s NFT ecosystem was made to protect creative IP, therefore we see the need to warn creatives of the potential harm of emerging technologies while also advocating for solutions that provide the best leverage for Madeium’s community and network. This transparency allows the community to make educated decisions.

What is the potential of NFTs?
NFTs are here to stay, and they offer infinite potential. Our community is a great vehicle for determining the best use cases and applications for these technologies. Generally, we group NFTs into three main categories: Digital, Physical, and Experiential. Many tokens don’t fit cleanly within a single category and can be minted in multiple forms to add as much value as possible. We use the auction industry term “lot” to define what exactly is included with each NFT. Each NFT lot is custom-made and can accommodate a combination of unique ways to create value for buyers. The rule-of-thumb: make things people want, then sell it directly to them.

What types of NFTs can I create?
Once your IP is secured on a blockchain, Madeium provides a “choose-your-own-adventure” of options. Our system allows you to profit directly by selling multiple elements of IP as unique and separate NFTs—each having their own legal rights for different use cases. A single design can be used for many different applications, monetized in a variety of ways, through a multitude of opportunities simultaneously.

  • For example, your design might be an NFT that is a stand-alone 1:1 art piece that is shipped to the buyer, who can then resell it with verified blockchain authenticity. Or it could include commercial rights to reproduce millions of products or experiences of a single design. Another NFT might contain digital rights for use within gaming environments, AR/VR, or other ecosystems. Yet other separate NFT rights could be further parsed into mobile and web applications with license and royalty agreements. We give you choices, you pick those that best suit your goals.

What is a Blockchain? 
A blockchain is a network of servers and computers spread around the globe. Because it distributes information on thousands of databases (“decentralization”) simultaneously, there is no single point of failure to attack or hack, unlike a singular server or device. Thus, it is extremely secure and ultimately trustworthy–the foundation for unlocking peer-to-peer businesses. Blockchain allows consumers and suppliers to connect directly, removing the need for a third party (bank, credit card company, etc.).

What is Immutability?
Blockchains act as an “immutable ledger,” meaning that the information can never be changed or erased. Information is permanent and public. An analogy might help: a blockchain is like the official record at city hall containing all the data about a house’s history. You can’t change the history, but you can buy, sell, upgrade, pull permits, etc. to add to the lineage of the ledger.

Madeium seeks to educate the design community through transparency regarding each blockchain solution’s use cases. While our blockchain solutions introduce entirely new ways for creatives to thrive financially, we are driven by additional value sets: those of the creative community. Among these additional values are responsibility, sustainability, safety, transparency, closed-loop solutions. equality, and access to top technology for all.

At present, Ethereum’s “Proof of Work” (POW) crypto mining protocol is naturally energy-intensive. One transaction can consume as much energy as an average U.S. household uses in a workweek. This is expected to change in 2022 when Ethereum moves to a “Proof of Stake” (POS) model, but those energy gains will be marginal. Either way, the Ethereum energy consumption will remain extremely high.

Madeium’s Hyperledger blockchain is permissioned for miner transparency, run by The Linux Foundation, and runs on the most energy efficient consensus model, Proof of Authority (POA). POA uses just slightly more energy than a centralized server—orders of magnitude less than Ethereum’s (POW and soon-to-be POS) consensus model. We support Hyperledger as a less energy-intensive blockchain solution.

Video: Real [Energy] Talk video
Article: Energy Consumption of Blockchain Technology

Enter the Future of Industry
Madeium connects the digital and physical worlds. We see infinite applications for Madeium’s blockchain and Non- Fungible Tokens (NFT) ecosystem. Rather than selling only traditional products on your .com or e-commerce site, your business now has a partner to build out entirely new value propositions while tracking your products on a blockchain. NFT Site Partners get access to an interoperable environment with their own Admin Dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can control and mint your own tokens to profit from both primary and secondary sales.

Madeium’s Multi-blockchain Ecosystem combines great technologies with simple, practical applications. Individuals, brands, and startups can choose solutions that best fit their needs.

  • Interoperable Marketplaces
    NFTs no longer need to be bound to a single marketplace. Madeium’s NFT auctions can be run simultaneously on multiple marketplaces and partner sites within the ecosystem so that a single product can connect with a wide variety of new audiences.

  • Multi-Blockchain Solution
    Madeium’s Hyperledger environment supports Ethereum based ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, integrates with other Hyperledger products beyond Fabric, sets the foundation for Madeium’s Internet of Things adds interoperability among peers, businesses, marketplaces, and blockchains. We look to adopt tech that benefits the community.

  • Collaborative System
    There are plenty of profits to be gained in Madeium’s ecosystem. Our commitment to large scale solutions is rooted in principles of cooperation, collective benefits, profit-sharing, and mutual success. Rather than the standard competition model of the past 100 years, the future must include public spaces, shared resources, access to top tech, and peer-to-peer direct systems. Madeium has built a system in which marketplaces are interoperable and friendly in nature. Gone is the day of having to choose a single location to sell products. Now, NFTs can be co-located on multiple partner sites running simultaneous auctions. By working together, we all benefit.

  • Self-Sustaining Businesses
    Your NFT site should be financially self-sustaining. We assist you in setting up an NFT environment at a fraction of the cost of other business models. With direct business relationships, there are fewer middle-people and more profits to share. Forget your old margins, NFTs introduce completely novel business approaches with massive margins.

  • Ideal Partner Sites
    To make the next prolific Creative Era, quality standards are a must.  Madeium brings the best, most thoughtful solutions to market. Our ideal partners are authentic creators of value rather than those who look to exploit the talents of our creative community. We love to work with collective endeavors, where decision-makers are representatives of a shared group with common goals. Our ideals must align with your mission, purpose, and goals. We exist to protect ideas and grant opportunities. Curating our partners based on value sets is one more check and balance to provide the safest environment possible for innovation and creativity.

  • Set up your own NFT Site
    Old rules and limitations don’t apply to Madeium’s blockchain ecosystem. Your business can now safely explore appropriate blockchain solutions with a trusted partner. And it all happens right on your existing .com location! Fully integrate your current website with Madeium’s blockchain tech. Become part of the community. Jump in, the water is warm. To start building your NFT site, contact: hello@madeium.com

To avoid the SEC’s regulation, Madeium NFTs must have an existing use case, application, market, or already developed environment. Madeium NFTs are NOT for speculation or artificial value. We avoid “hollow tokens” where an NFTs immediate value is in question.  When minting tokens, it is important to ask yourself if your proposed NFT has immediate, intrinsic value or if its ultimate worth is based on future speculation. Rule of thumb: mint those NFTs that have clear value today.

  • We don’t view an NFT as having intrinsic value. It is not a new asset class, but a transactable vehicle for something else of evident value. Like a stock, unless it is attached to a company, it’s just a piece of paper. A NFT is the official way to sell something of intrinsic value that has been registered on a blockchain.

Team Leadership

Madeium is a first of its kind platform built to get ideas across the finish line by reimagining Design entrepreneurship.

Jesse Rademacher

Jesse Rademacher

CEO / Co-Founder

Spent a decade leading Design and Innovation teams for Adidas, developing custom brands and product for the world’s top athletes and influencers.

SEAN Rademacher

SEAN Rademacher

CDO / Co-Founder

20 years as founder of Pigment Creative and a Creative Director specializing in Graphics, 3D, Brand, UIUX, Advertising, and Design Direction.

Kimberly Venable

Kimberly Venable

Strategic Planning

Expert in Finance with a focus on Startups, Private Equity, and Lending working with companies that focus on data and evidence-based decision making.

Mike Pilliod

Mike Pilliod

Manufacturing Innovation

20 years as a Materials Science Engineer specializing in glass previously at Apple, GE, and currently with Tesla.



NFT Strategist + Navigator

Jason pilots an 86’ Elder Millennial equipped with bleeding edge Web3 social, market analytics, surveillance and integration of emerging NFT utility and social trends.



Web3 Business Development

Strategic alignment, design and execution of economic campaigns to drive change via all things Web3.

Chloe MacIntosh

Chloe MacIntosh

Social Media Director

A recent college graduate who is passionate about the evolving world of advertising, graphic design, social media, and pop culture.

Sumit Oberoi

Sumit Oberoi

Software Architecture

15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, Sumit serves as the Chief Architect and Director of Wegile having built 300+ app projects including Oracle and HP.

jacques perrault

jacques perrault

Computational Design

Leading expert in Design, Full-stack Development, and 3D printing systems including building Adidas’ 3D printing program and most recently at Branch Technologies.

Keefe Harrison

Keefe Harrison

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Founder and CEO of The Recycling Partnership, a $100M+ nonprofit built to protect the planet by Activating the circular economy in the US.



Sofware Engineer

20+ years as a software engineer on instrumental projects like up LendinTree and Ally Invest and consults Muzak and Charles Schwab.

Jacquie Rademacher

Jacquie Rademacher

Sr. Project Management

MBA with Project Management expertise, and a focus in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and currently at CVS Health identifying and incubating startups.

Eileen Mercolino

Eileen Mercolino

Marketing Director

Extensive experience building iconic brands and leading innovative, fully integrated marketing programs at 20th Century Fox and Disney.

Catherine Li

Catherine Li

Sourcing & Manufacturing

15+ years at Reebok in product development, manufacturing factories, footwear production, sourcing, and global logistics.

Jamiersen Green

Jamiersen Green

Entertainment & Influencer Marketing

Blends business and authentic culture in the footwear and influencer industries from Footlocker to his own Leader Quality.

Joshua Lopez

Joshua Lopez

Sales Director

20+ years in the financial services industry, directly and indirectly overseeing Consumer Lending, Customer Service, for some of the county’s top financial lenders.