April 27, 2020

Air Max 270 React tops all Nike sales in 2019

Released in 2019, the Air Max 270 React built on a long lineage of what Air Max has become synonymous for; combining the newest innovation in modern footwear design with story telling that has the ability to create a deeper emotional connection in an otherwise emotionless market. Inspired by some of the most influential art movements of the last century, the 270 React embodied color palettes, patterns and graphics that essentially molded its creator, Dylan Raasch, into the designer he is today. 

“ Each of these art movements was extremely profound for me in that every one of them created a new vibrational language that came to life through distinct forms, colors, and patterns. Together these create a much larger language that a designer must become fluent in to be proficient in their art. Just as a poet uses words, or a musicians uses notes; a designer must understand the significance of form, color, and pattern and how they work together so they can fully express themselves and their vision .”   




Dylan Raasch
Senior Creative Director of Nike Air Max