January 22, 2022

Catching Creativity: Prince Would Be Pleased

Jesse Rademacher

For Prince, it was an impossible situation. He wanted Warner Brothers to release everything he brought to them, even if they were still marketing a previous album. A Warner VP, tried to explain that by releasing so much music, he would be diluting his own market. “There is only so much music public can absorb from one artist at a time,” she counseled.

Prince responded, “What am I supposed to do? The music just flows through me!” 

Therein is the creative dilemma. Creativity is not something you can put on a schedule. Neither can it be produced on demand. When we create, we are working in flow states that cannot be managed as ideas come to us unannounced from unseen locations. 

When creatives work for corporations that cannot function without scheduling, planned production, and management, there is a clash so devastating that fully 80% of creative potential is lost. It simply doesn’t work. 

Good News: Madeium establishes entirely new ways of catching the lost 80% of creative capital.

We are a peer network focused on supporting those who are adept at innovating, executing wild concepts, and pushing ideas to improve the world. This professional design and innovation community is breaking free from the antiquated systems of the past century. 

If 80% of creativity is lost, we don’t need to increase the amount of creative production (that will be a different article!). Far more important, we must radically redefine the context of our work. Our ideas have been gasping for air in a system that, in its drive for efficiency and standardization, unintentionally destroys them. 

No longer.

As a community of peers, we are self-organizing though entirely new approaches to design, product, innovation, and collective benefit. Madeium has invented new end-to-end workflows for bringing products, ideas, and experiences directly to market. Instead of predicting purchasing habits, we prefer open-source projects that involve the end user in the decision-making process. 

We know that good design IS good business.

The first step to catching creativity is to listen to creators. Madeium started anew by engaging over 300 professional designer, innovators, and entrepreneurs to hear directly from the “sources of creation” as to their most desired dream scenarios. Never was a cap artificially imposed on any ideas. 

This clean break from tradition, corporate mandates, and expectations around “investor returns” have allowed Madeium to build an entire innovation ecosystem purely from the perspective of those who consistently push radical concepts and outlandish ideas. Madeium’s “choose your own design adventure” buffet provides a new setting for fresh relationships, innovative concepts of organizing, and multi-faceted community values that can be injected into decision making at all levels. 

Now, I know that there’s lots of talk in corporate circles around design thinking, creator economies and Web 3.0. But we know through lived experience that too often it is mere lip service with no real action.

That’s because managers and the C-suite genuinely do not understand how creatives work, or how corporation cultures inhibit innovation. Creatives are like a foreign language to them. Instead of improving creative culture, such buzz words and jargon make it painfully obvious to us that management is clueless as to our real needs. In the process, management loses credibility and the passion of their teams.

If businesses and executives say they see the value in “creator economies,” it shouldn’t be hard to talk to creatives about their needs. In fact, such listening is essential to understand the new context of business that is unfolding. 

The pivot to Web 3.0 is changing things so radically that traditional corporate executives may soon be working for creatives who excel at bringing meaningful concepts directly to end users. So, be nice to the new bosses!
Madeium has been built through a dogged determination to make sure access to the world’s best Web 3.0 technology can happen on an individual level with the benefits of large corporate cost structures. Independents can now band together for both individual and collective benefits. 

This is the future of creativity. 

I think Prince would be pleased.


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