September 13, 2021

Creative Tools for Your Own Brand


“Without tools, Michelangelo’s David is just a rock.”

Tools allow us to bring ideas into physical expression. The right tool for the right job can open possibilities for entirely new products and services. They can even transform our thinking as to what is possible.

At Madeium, we love tools. Even more, we love sharing tools!

In the past, the only way to access the tools for large-scale production was to work for a corporation. Only massive, multi-national organizations had the capital to support a global infrastructure that included a highly specialized workforce, access to raw materials, logistics, manufacturing, legal services, health care, accounting, sales, marketing—the ingredients for economies of scale.

Madeium seeks to make the tools traditionally provided by corporations available to designers on a project-by-project basis. This means that you, as your own brand, do not have to own the infrastructure to compete.

Madeium is on the cutting edge of new technologies that are revolutionizing business and manufacturing. Things are changing so fast that many tools of the past are now outdated. What’s more, new tools are rapidly transforming how people work to produce, manufacture, and market their ideas.

The very foundation of business is undergoing a radical revision. At Madeium we are on top of these trends and seek to capitalize on them for the benefit of our members.

In future articles we will look more closely at these transformations and how production and marketing are being reimagined within the Madeium ecosystem. In this article, tools for creating and running your own brand are the focus.

A key to success is truly effective collaboration. Madeium provides digital workspaces that allow creatives from any location to work in a secure environment. This reduces overhead by eliminating the need for office space.

It also promotes the free exchange of ideas. People are far more open to contribute when they are not afraid of their work being stolen. That’s why security and proper attribution are central to the Madeium system.

Madeium workspaces are designed for three categories of collaboration:

  • Creative to Creative (both for individuals and teams)
  • Creative to Client (sports stars, celebrities, and influencers seeking to establish their own brands)
  • Creative to Subcontractor.

This secure environment is augmented by Madeium’s partnerships with outside legal services that can offer templates for standardized contracts such as non-disclosure agreements, equity-sharing/royalty agreements, partnership/venture agreements, and more.

Madeium also offers smart contracts that can create pay windows connected to accomplished milestones. You get paid automatically when you have completed the contract. No more need for invoicing or tracking down creditors.

You also have the flexibility to structure unique compensation agreements, such as royalties and equity sharing—potentially far more lucrative arrangements.

Madeium is at the forefront of the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) boom. NFT’s provide unprecedented security for your Intellectual Property by accessing the block chain’s immutable ledger. NFT’s are creating new ways to design products for your clients.

Madeium’s block chain is providing access to entirely new digital markets for your products. These can include: Gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), the Metaverse, and digital auctions.

In addition, NFT’s provide a secure means to identify you with your work and to authenticate your creations. This enhances your reputation while also providing a way to track your product beyond the initial sale. This means royalties can be paid on every resale, leading to long term, residual income.

These are just a few of the tools that make up Madeium’s Pillar #2. They are the way we strive to support tomorrow’s Michelangelos.


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