December 9, 2021

Madeium Launches the First Sneaker NFT Community with Skateboard Champion Jagger Eaton and Sneaker Artists Stomper Haus & Moondust Studios

Jesse Rademacher

A new edge of creative expression is being born out of the love of sneakers, art, and skateboarding. Stomper Haus’s Aylmer Abrea, Moondust’s Bryan Arii, and world champion skateboarder, Jagger Eaton, have teamed up to produce a wildly original reimagination of the Cariuma kicks Eaton wore for his medal winning run in Tokyo. This 1:1 3D printed bronzed metal sculpture is being offered in a live auction as an NFT that will drop December 9th, 2021.

Aylmer Jordan Abrea, Founder of Stomper Haus, is a California based sneaker collector, shoe artist, skater, and overall bad ass graphic designer. When looking at his jacked-up sneaker renderings of your favorite shoes, it evokes the nostalgia of monster truck proportions—larger-than-life “caricatures”, each with its own unique personality. Aylmer’s sneaker art personifies kicks by giving them attitude, drama, and a strong POV. As Abrea says, “People go out of their way to have these shoes, so why not have them be larger than life?”

Abrea recognized that skate shoes are only perfect before the first ollie. His creative direction sought to replicate the stress and beating to Jaggers front shoe, so it felt authentically skated. These wear patterns represent the real story: the hard work and bangs Jagger has taken en route to his championship moments. It’s about all the times he crashed and even injured himself, still trying time after time when everyone else would have quit—the epitome of determination. For this reason, the laces are even torn and retied the way skaters do when they wear through and pop their laces from the grip tape.

Abrea sees a parallel to his own work, ““I see my art as what skateboarding taught me. Which is when you fall, you get back up and try again.”

Bryan Arii is part of Moondust Studio Inc, a family of graphic designers, artists, and makers that was birthed from Street Wear, actions sports and skateboard culture. Arii, himself, is from the skate industry and is currently a Senior Designer with Element Boards. Moondust is known primarily for their custom boxes, though they also produce a variety of other products. Their clients have included adidas, Nike, Urban Necessities, Cloud Nine Gaming, Monster Energy Drinks, Puma, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Anthony Davis, Kanye, Tiger Woods, and Rob Gronkowski, among others.

Moondust is turning boxes into new vehicles for high artistic expression. As Arii says, “People are seeing past the box now and appreciating it as a piece of art. We are upping the level every time… We’ve thought beyond what the client’s normal expectations are for a box… and we’re customizing it to that person’s needs.”

Both the shoe sculpture and the box are 1:1 pieces of art. Madeium is honored to support this wild creative team, to make the things they want, without anyone else dictating the outcome.

Since we are a community, it’s in our nature to help. Rather than exclusively for-profit mandates, Madeium is living our purpose by returning profits back to the creators and NFT partners at the highest rate possible. Jagger, Stomper Haus, and Moondust own 100% of the IP and have chosen to bring it to market validated on Madeium’s multi-blockchain network.

This is only one of the ways Madeium flips the Footwear Industry’s power structure in favor of designers, influencers, and authentic communities. Through profit sharing and a long list of innovative tools and resources, Madeium’s ecosystem is dramatically improving the professional creative experience.

Now, makers and design entrepreneurs can launch blockchain authenticated digital and physical products direct to consumer while accessing on-demand manufacturing. Madeium’s “Home Court of Ideas” is powering entirely new ways for designers to monetize their work, control intellectual property (IP), effectively collaborate, and participate in direct profit-sharing with influencers.

Don’t miss this chance to bid on these one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking works of art. You can find them at


Lot includes: A single unique NFT, one-of-one (1:1) original art created by Aylmer Jordan Abrea/ Stomper Haus as a life-size, Physical Bronze Sneaker Sculpture. NFT Lot includes 3D file, Physical Sculpture, and custom 1:1 electronic Display Box by Bryan Arii of Moondust Studios


3D printed and hydro plated with a polished copper/bronze metal finish

White Glove Art Shipping with customized box by Moondust in a protective hardcase.  Sculpture will be delivered, opened, and setup for the buyer. Keep the hard case or send it away with the delivery team.



Start Date: 12/9/2021 @ 5:00 PM PST

End Date: 12/23/2021 @ 5:00 PM PST

Auction Duration: 2 Weeks