May 7, 2021

Wes Cream Turns Imagination to Reality for the Nike Air Max 270

Wes L Cockx
Wes Cream

Air embodies Nike's endless desire to dream.

Decades ago, they harnessed this sapeshifting element to forever change Nike, and to take those who put it beneath their feet to places they never thought possible. By capturing air, Air captured us.

Today, the spirit of Nike Air still drives us to first imagine, and then create tomorrow.

I took inspiration from the features of the Nike Air Max 270 that stimulate the senses: movement, vivid colors, light touch and feel in combination of textures. Creating realistic CGI images that contrast with old school 2D visuals to emphasize these characteristics of the Nike Air Max 270.

The Air Max feeling of floating - the lightness of movements - and the innovative use of the textures, colours and materials come together in one of the most appealing and fresh air bubbles ever in an Air Max.

4 assets through the lens of product:
Biggest Air


Client: Nike 
3D Concept: Wes L Cockx
3D Design: Wes L Cockx
Production: Royalclub